I’m Taking the Plunge

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m a musician, artist, budding theologian, and most recently one of our nations many unemployed. I’ve spent the last year working with the homeless population of San Francisco and have learned a few things about the street. So with this knowledge and an ambition to share my music with the good people of the world – I’ll be taking it to the streets this summer. I’m going to make it my goal to pay my rent and food with money that I’m able to get busking. For those of you unfamiliar with the term “busk” you may click here. But I’ll be referring to busk as an acronym for Ballad Up Some Ka$h. That’s right. Say it out loud if you like. Let the phrase’s ironic jubilance drip off your lips.

My former boss – the future very Reverend Megan Rohrer, suggested that I blog about my experience of busking to support myself, and of course put a paypal link on it. I thought the idea was a bit self absorbed at first – but then I thought about you – my friends and family – that might want to help support me for the summer.

And for those of you potential donors that might feel robbed for donating but not getting to hear me sing you a song – I feel for you. This is an unfortunate situation because I’d really like nothing more than to sing you a song in person. But you can get the privilege of something that you can’t get in person: my daily reflections, stories, anecdotal references, truth, and some sacred profanity.

Click here to support:

I’ll leave it at that for this morning – but I’ll be sure to update later tonight after I’ve been on the street.

One comment on “I’m Taking the Plunge

  1. Al Eacret says:

    I’ll be the first to comment. I can attest to this gentlemen’s musical talent and wonderful songs having recorded two of his old band’s (Twenty Something White Guys) CDs. Very top notch stuff, and definitely worth the price of admission. May your coffers be full, and therefore, your stomach.

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