Day Two and Three

Okeedokee – a quick confession:  My day one entry came from a few weeks ago.  Now i’m going to be all sorts of regular in my updates.

I’ve had a suggestion that I should put some video up of me playing a song for you that are following this blog.  I’ll probably try to do that soon, so stay keep checking it out.

Day Two:  Downtown Berkeley Bart Station.  I’ve played this Bart station a number of times before and I love just camping out at the escalators.

Money: 4 bucks.

I played for about two hours again, wore my finger raw.  I really enjoy the sound and feel of finger picking, but it might be more suited to places that have some people that are readily paying attention or where I can plug my guitar in, otherwise it gets a little hard to compete with all the other sounds.

Nice Moment of Day Two:  Some dude leaned against the wall that I was playing in front and listened for a few songs.  He told me that he records street performers and that I sounded great but that he didn’t have his recording gear with him on that particular day… oh well.

Day Three:  Haight Ashbury.  Lots and lots of people, but not a very wide sidewalk and the traffic sucks to compete with.

Money:  $2.80

Nice moment:  I was singing the Pixies’ Where Is My Mind – and if you know that song you know about the “ooh-ooh’s” at the beginning.  That part is a high E to Eb which is just about the top of my range when I go falsetto so I’ve got to sing it with as much gusto as I can muster.  But I’ve got it so I pull it off.  Anyway, as I went into the verse of the song some nice looking girl came up and stood beside me and continued singing the “ooh-ooh’s” as I sang the verse.  That tickled me pink.

Not so nice moment:  Some high school looking kid walked by making sarcastic strumming gestures to me.  I winked at him and then he started talking about how annoying guitarists are.  I figured he was jealous or just an asshole.  Either way busking is a good practice in not taking people’s shit too seriously – cause I know some people that are so sensitive about their music that they would chase would-be cynics and mockers down and give them a good whooping.

I’ve got spirit yes I do, I’ve got spirit how bout you?

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