Piano Day

Do you know about chops?  In music, “chops” typically refers to one’s technique and ability.  If you’ve got chops you’re usually able to play well for as long as the music requires.  If that means all day, then so be it.  In my case, I’ve been in a writing process with guitar songs so my chops aren’t quite what they used to be.  My piano chops, however, are coming along a little stronger every day.  So, since I’ve been developing a blister on my strumming finger from the extended guitar chops building sessions that my to-date busking endeavors have been – I decided to make today a piano day and not a guitar day.

My piano practicing has yielded a fairly satisfying musical breakthrough for me earlier on the year.  I love the process of working my hands all over the keyboard.  So, for your listening and viewing pleasure I’m giving you a little song I wrote a few weeks back.  Its temporarily titled “Bouncy Bugger.”  Hope you enjoy.

Oh, the end of the song is  a little comment on the baseball game I watched today while I was practicing.

Click Here to Watch

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