pretty cold

It’s not that I necessarily want to talk about the weather, but it’s cold today.  I really didn’t feel like going out and making the busk this morning.  It’s a good thing that I made an appointment to make some music with my neighbor across the street.  I want to tell you a bit about him:  He’s a pro cellist. His current gig is cellist for a certain broadway musical that rhymes with “picked.”  And he’s toured with Van Morrison which is sooooo badass, I don’t even know quite how to explain.  Anyway, since he’s part of the scene, I asked him awhile back if he would be some honest, objective ears for my newest project.  He agreed and liked the songs enough to want to play cello with them.

Do you know about this new project of mine?  It’s been a labor of love since my separation from my (nearly) ex-wife and one of the few things that has kept me going after realizing that I couldn’t be married to the woman I thought I loved so much.   It was an idea that I had had a few years ago to write musical settings to the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke.  Do you know Rilke?  Click here if you don’t yet and then click here to read some of his poems.  So, now I’ve written twenty-one little song/poems to share with you.  This project has been as much a labor of love as anything that I’ve done yet in my life and if there’s any project that I’ve believed in the quality of the music the most – its this one.  There’s still a touch of punk rock to it that you’ll hopefully always hear, but for me the tunes are the honest truth.

So I’m incredibly grateful to be working with the musicians that are helping me flesh out these songs.  One of whom lives across the street and plays a wicked cello, and the other who can play the legs right off of a piano.  Since the piano player was busy today, I got together with the cellist to figure his parts out.  There is nothing I love more than woodshedding a song.  Banging out parts together with other musicians is always  most exciting because of the wonderful moments of spontaneous magic that can never happen if you don’t rehearse.  The cellist and I had a few of those magical moments – we almost stopped playing because the moment was so beautiful.  And then we did stop playing so we could talk about how beautiful the moment sounded to us.  Music nerds.  Oh well, we had to know what we were playing so we could replicate it.

So, I recorded our little session today and am sharing with you the inner workings of a song.  Hope you like it.

Money for nothing and love for free:

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