I was in a used bookstore the other day and found a book called In Praise of Slow:  How a WorldWide Movement Is Challenging the Cult of Speed. Is this true for you?  Do you think we’ve gotten carried away in our pace of life?   As I’ve been busking I’m provided a wonderful opportunity for people watching.  And as I watch, unbeknownst to them, they move with the vigor and determination of a people that think they’ll find peace at the end of the day if they can get everything done before then.  Perhaps they will find that peace, but of course its my hope that they could slow down for a second to enjoy the peace that my music might provide them.

That might have a bit of the idealistic naivete ring to it, but I’m with Lennon in my hopes that I’m not the only dreamer.

So today, I’m taking my life intentionally slow.  I won’t be busking.  I’m listening to the broadcast of the USA vs Ghana world cup game.  It reminds me of the few weeks that I spent in Ghana.  And if you want to talk about a pace of life that is radically different from ours, then the Ghanaian speed is a good place to start.

In an effort to share a little bit of musical peace, I’m attaching this song that I referenced in my last blog.  I recorded it a couple years ago but have never had the finances to mix or master or release it properly.  So I’m sharing it here, now in its former roughness.      Click it:  Peace Be Soon

It Don’t Grow On Trees:

One comment on “Sabbath

  1. shenanitims says:

    If there’s ever been a constant complaint about me since I’ve joined the retailing ranks, it’s that I don’t project “urgency.” Not that I’m moving too slow, but that I don’t seem to be moving fast enough. Now I know what to buy my boss for the holidays.

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