Gig day

This is a good day to talk about one of the bands that I play in.  We’ve got a gig tonight!  Thus I’m taking it easy and not busking today so as to conserve a bit of energy for the evening’s festivities.  So, the band tonight is Jonathan Mann and the Rock Cookie Bottoms.  This is a little indie pop outfit that I’ve been playing keyboards with for about a year now.  In fact this is the longest project I’ve played with since I moved out to California in the first place.  I’ve really enjoyed my time as a rock cookie bottom.  I think it began with my appreciation of the rock bottom of my marriage dissolving.  That still holds first place for roughest time of my life…

Anyway, the thing that kept me going strong when the marriage dissolved was the music community and so I’m incredibly thankful to still be playing gigs with Jonathan Mann and the rest of the rock cookie bottoms.  Jonathan is a fantastic little song writer.  He’s so topical.  Some of the topics that we cover in our live set range from Polyamorous Polar Bears, to Black Holes, to videogames, and some political stuff like the end of the world.  Its been a joy for me to play piano with him.  The songs are always easy and quick to learn so there’s plenty of room to throw in a bunch of fills and stuff.

So I’m excited about our show tonight.  I’ll be meeting the girlfriend for dinner and then off to Kimo’s!

I’d like to share a little piano warm up with you.  It’s a little Jose Feliciano tune called Affirmation.

Who couldn’t use a bit of affirmation?

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