Day 6. I Got Heckled

Happy July.

Went and caught a matinee of Toy Story 3 with the delightful date that is my girlfriend before busking today.   It’s a worthwhile movie and a welcome addition to the first two.  And the Pixar short that played as a prelude was even better!  It was called Day and Night and was an amazing little exploration of differences. At first I thought that they were taking it in a multi-verse direction with the story.  And I’m sure that it would be a fun little read to have a frame by frame analysis of that movie to explore the possibility of multi-verses, but I’ll leave that to the physicists…

So, after laughing at all the prat falls and poop jokes in Toy Story 3, my voice was feeling a little tired; I told myself I would just run through the Rilke songs and a couple of covers for the busk.  As I was tuning my guitar, I noticed a dude sitting on the steps leading down to the bart station.  Because of the angle of the stairs, I could only see his feet and as I started playing, they started tapping.  I figured this was a good sign.  I started with a Dylan tune, I Shall Be Released, and as I was winding it down, the dude on the stairs -whose feet were tapping the whole time – got up to come nearer me.  I started into the next song, and this dude started singing.  But he wasn’t so much as singing as he was mocking.  He mocked me up and down throughout the next song – saying shit like “The 1960’s are over,”  “Bob Dylan is all washed up,”  “It’s all the same song.”   So imagine those lines being sung in a mocked voice back to you as you try to sing a song you wrote.  I would argue that its no easy feat to accomplish.  But, in my opinion, the stronger tune must prevail so I just kept on singing my song right back at him.  This went on for the next four or five songs.  It was invigorating.  If not completely frustrating.  Thus the joy of the busk.

At one point, when my heckler was sing-song-mockle-mocking me, an elderly gentleman walked by.  He had the look of a boomer that had been around a bit.  As my heckler was saying “It’s over, it’s over!”  this kind gentleman looked me in the eye and said, “It’s never over.”

Not until the fat lady sings.

Money:  $5.33

Maximum coinage allowed:

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