Rilke Day

This is the second blog about my newest solo project.  Click here to learn the essentials about it.

I just got back from a rehearsal with the other musicians that are helping me flesh these songs out.  They’re so good – I just need to rave about them all the time.  Rave, rave, rave.

So, the video that I’m sharing with you today is me and the cellist trying to figure out some parts to one of the Rilke song/poemss.  This particular song/poem (Book 3, Poem 1 – Rilke never named them) is one that we’re calling “Through Massive Rock.”  It is fairly indicative of the approach that I’m taking in the musical settings for these poems.  For example, with this song we’re trying to make the music as dark and pulsing as possible.  You know, like you’re moving through a massive rock.

One of my friends calls this approach “word painting.”  Who am I to disagree…

Can’t Buy Me Love:

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