Growing up a pastor’s kid, church was a weekly (often times more) requirement for me and my sisters.  And while those formative years were spent running about the church and causing a ruckus, they had a way of ingraining the basic tenets of the faith in me.  While I’ve already blogged about the sabbath once already, I think it bears repeating:  People need to rest.

I see way too much stress about deadlines, angst about absolutes, pressure to perform – and I’m not just talking about myself.  Though I do feel that integrity dictates that I at least reveal that much about myself, confident that I’m not the only one experiencing it.  And that should also serve as proof of my personal need for a day of rest.

It feels a little unpatriotic on the day before the 4th to be comparing a United States culture of speed and consumption to our European brothers and sisters who happily take a few hours out of the work day to enjoy a siesta.  It doesn’t, however, feel unpatriotic to point out the evils of pushing an American workforce beyond their capacities in order to earn a bit more money.  Did you know that when you work less, you are more productive when you work?  Click here to read a funny cnn article for another perspective.

So I’m giving my fingers a rest today.

But I’ll share with you a very old song that I recorded.  Its called Work Boots and was recorded back in Iowa.

Paid Vacation:

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