Its true that I’ve lead an incredibly fortunate life thus far. I haven’t experienced any super un-timely family deaths or anything. I’ve not personally experienced any natural catastrophes.

But this last Saturday I became the victim for the first time in my life. Here’s the story:

I was out busking on the Ocean Beach Boardwalk in San Francisco. I spent about an hour and half playing and didn’t really make anything. Perhaps that was bad omen number one. When I finished and made my way back to my car, I could tell that my back driver’s side window had been smashed in. I walked around the car to discover glass everywhere and my laptop bag (with the comptuter in it) gone.

This hurts.

I had all my music on that computer as well as half started new songs, half finished stories, blog ideas, you get the idea. If you’re as attached to your computer as I was then you hopefully know how I feel.

So I’m really viewing this as a lesson in being attached. And as with most lessons, the first thing to go is the pride.

Its my hope that I’ll be able to keep the blog going – though it may not be quite as frequent as before since I need to make a trip to the public library for internet access now.

Now more than ever…

One comment on “Victim

  1. Zie says:

    That’s horrible. I only had a small fraction of your music collection and photos, but I’ll send you anything I can, if you want.

    I guess now you know you should always put valuables in the trunk if you’re going to park somewhere that public for any length of time. fool.

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