When It Rains It Pours

I don’t mean to sound like a total drama queen here, but I told myself that I would be open and vulnerable during this blogging process.
So, my car – an 88 Camry which I bought for a $1000 about a year ago when I split with my exwife – finally died today. I knew it was inevitable, but for it to go this quickly after losing my laptop makes the one, two combo evermore potent.
I was on my way to get the transmission looked at when the tranny quit working in the middle of an intersection. There’s nothing quite as exciting as standing in the middle of a busy road by your car while you wait for tow truck.
When the wrecker finally got to me after about forty five minutes he was able to tow me to an AAMCO which specializes in transmissions.
I talked with the dude there and he told me that it would be about $2000 for a new tranny and labor. OR I could try to find a used one for about $600 and then have them install it for another $600. OR I could just call the pick & pull salvage dudes to come take the car away and give me about $200 which would at least cover the cost of the tow truck.

So I now feel at the mercy of God’s grace even more than before as my lesson in being attached to shit gets more and more complex.

Its not that I feel that I’m being punished, but it sure isn’t a warm, cozy feeling either.

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