Day 9

Well I got back out in it again yesterday.  I was able to get the same spot I had the day before at the Powell St Station. 

Before I even started playing, some dude with three teeth came up to me as he was scribbling manically on a notepad.  He asked me if this was the best spot for busking.  I told him that it was alright.  Then he said that the acoustics were far superior in the spot I had chosen.  I agreed and he continued to talk nonsense at me.  I started to get my guitar out and his eyes lit up.  He asked if he could play it.  Music is all about sharing for me so I happily obliged.  And the cat could play!  He wasn’t outstanding or anything, but his chord progressions were sophisticated and quite unexpected at times, and his voice had the feel of one that had been around for a long time.  He later told me that his band had opened for Cream (you know that british power trio) when they toured through San Francisco in the 60’s.  It may have been a good line, but it also may have been the truth.  I’ve learned that the more talented an individual is, generally the less unkept they care to look.  Which is fine by me – I think we generally place far too much weight on appearances. 

Anyway, he left me with the picture he had been drawing.  It was some sort of baby’s face with the neck of  a guitar in the background.  If only I had a scanner so I could share it with you. 

Money: 6.83

Peace of mind:

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