Day 12

Well, I got up early this morning.  I made it to Powell St. Station by 8:45am.  It was actually totally dead.  I was expecting a bustling commuter crowd, but all I found were a few tourists.

I played through most of my songs and tried out an old Jimmy Reed tune – “Bright Lights, Big City.”  For those not familiar with Jimmy Reed, be sure to click here to have your mind blown.  After you’ve watched that video and you’re still interested in the blues – I’d like to take a second to explain how my white-boy-ass is so smitten with blues music.  As you were watching the video you may have been saying to your self, “Self, What is wrong with this video?  It keeps going all scrambled and wobbly, like someone is scratching a a record on a turn table or something.”  That happened to be my favorite part of the video.  I loved the song, and Jimmy Reed’s incredible voice – gorgeous guitar – and soul shattering harmonica – but the scrambled wobbliness of the video itself adds a certain element of transcendance to the art.  While also adding an element of extreme chaos.  But of course, that’s partly the point of the blues – for example, this book.   There’s an episode in that book that talks about a recording session that a bunch of old bluesmen were playing.  The story reflects (or does it?) on how during the session, something chaotic happened every day.  One day the  the mixer was on the fritz.  The next day the bass player slips on a freshly mopped floor.  The next a ladder collapses during the middle of a take.  The next day a microphone explodes.  You get the idea.  Of course the chaos is a necessary element to make the music beautiful.

But there is always the sublime order of Gospel on Sunday to balance the chaos of Blues for the rest of the week.

Anyway, that was my blues tangent for the day.

Back to busking:

I made $12.00 (one was a fiver!) and some nice lady gave me her egg salad sandwhich and her oatmeal creme pie…what a weird diet.

One comment on “Day 12

  1. Zie says:

    Isn’t the usually commute between 7:30-8:30? That’s what it’s been everywhere I’ve had a job. Most office jobs start at 8. Maybe if you hit it at 7:45?

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