Open Mic Day 3 – super slacker

For those few of you who have been checking this here blog with any amount of frequency (bi-weekly?  bi-monthly?)  you’ll have noticed I’ve been a bit absent for awhile.

Excuse:  super slacker.  There I got that out of the way.  Feel free to hold me a bit more accountable by commenting or something.

But here’s a new open mic post for you.

Since the beginning of the summer I’ve begun a new approach to performance practice through busking that has really been paying off with my open mic hosting capabilities.  I guess I just got fed up with people leaving during the show.  So I decided to make it a goal to get people to stick around for as long as I could.  I’ve always believed that the music doesn’t really exist if it doesn’t have an audience of grateful listeners.

My favorite way of getting people to stick around is by convincing random passersby that they have a talent that needs to be shared with the world.  Which is usually pretty easy since its universally true.  Except for that one guy, that one guy was a talentless hack.  YOU KNOW the guy I’m talking about.

Last night I didn’t really have to try that trick since I had a full roster of talented performers.

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