Day 15 – capitol campaign

I hit up the Berkeley bart today.  It was so slow. People wise, and greenback wise.  I made 4 bucks and a couple handfulls of change in an hour and 30 mins of playing.  So, I’d really appreciate it if you would

I realize that when a performer is really, truly having fun – people are more willing to give that performer some presentation of respect, love, gratitude, desire, admiration, or God forbid:  money.   So I’m thankful that I pretty much always have fun when I’m playing.  Today to keep it fun for myself, I started singing The Shirelles, Mama Said.  I also improvised some of the verses since I have absolutely no idea what in the world those they are.  I think it had something to do with “Billy Jo”.  So all I could think about was Green Day.

Oh, by the way:  You could always:

One of the verses went a little something like this:

Mama said there’ll be days like this, there’ll be days like this.  Mama said, Mama said there’ll be days like this

I went walking Green day,
had some green to find,
I met a dude named Billy Jo
wouldn’t you know he was blind

Mama said there’ll be days like this, there’ll be days like this.  Mama said, Mama said there’ll be days like this.

Anyway, I’m hoping that there will be some wonderful sort of subliminal thing that happens someday when I sing that song.  And then when I sing it, some gorgeous pregnant lady will walk up and put a dollar in my guitar case.

So, as you can see:  I’d really appreciate it if you could:

My landlord Rafael came by at the beginning of the month.  Thankfully, my house full of musicians, writers, and security guards had enough to scrap together the rent for him.  He’s a really nice landlord.  He asked me how I pay the rent this last time that I talked to him.

“I’m a musician.”  I said, “I’ve got some church gigs that pay the rent.”

“Oh you’re musician!” He said through his thick Spanish accent.  “I love music.  I used to play guitar for church.  Music is wonderful.  You get lost in it, and then you find yourself.  And then you keep playing and there is such a joy in it.”

I smiled, thankful that he got it.

All though, I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t get him his beloved rent by the middle of the month that he would break me as a pinata

Just like an NPR commercial:

Oh, and if you actually click on one of the buttons, but then become frustrated because you don’t have a paypal account – fret not.  You can sign up for one here

Thanks for putting up with all the donation stuff.   I haven’t really made it a point of asking for money yet – but at this point I’ll be having a tough time covering the water and phone bill.  Busking is usually getting me my daily bread, and my church gigs are covering the rent – but the rest is up in the air!

One comment on “Day 15 – capitol campaign

  1. Zie says:

    psssst… i think you mean “capital” campaign. “capitol” refers to a building that houses a government, not economic resources.

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