Day 19 – dancing

Okay, so I think it should be universally true for musicians to believe that the music worth making is the music worth dancing to.   I believe that.  And I’m going to severely question any musician who thinks music can exist without dancing.  It can’t.

My band back in Iowa usually had a pretty easy time getting people dancing.  So much of it is just having a really good drummer.  I actually learned to swing after moving from Iowa and thus am able to get some people dancing with just my voice and acoustic guitar.  No easy feat mind you.

Today I had some mojo workin.  I was playing one of my Rilke songs and some nice couple approached and started to dance.  Then they started making out.  Its always fun to see people in love when one’s own  music is playing.  I can often spot people making out in the back of the cafe while I’m singing at my open mic.

They didn’t leave a dollar or anything, but the dance was more than enough to get me by.

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