Day 20 – a bit of excitement

It’s official!  I just heard the word that I got the job as Pastoral Assistant For Music at Mission Bay Community Church.  Click the link, but let me tell you a bit about them too:  They are a church of my peers in both age and cultural/theological perspective.  They meet in a small Presbyterian Church in the Excelsior district of San Francisco.  They have dinner together after their worship services.  And, let me tell ya – they bring the hip!  I’m extremely grateful to have gotten this gig, and I’m excited to start writing songs for their worship services, as well as playing old stuff.

In Busking News:  I went out today and was anticipating meeting my friend Anna.  She said she wanted to go out busking with me some day.  Today was supposed to be it, but by the time I had gotten to powell she had sent me a text, saying she was going to be late.

Oh well – I decided to jump into the songs anyway.

I broke a string after singing a couple of songs.  As I knelt down to begin changing it, a man approached me.  He told me he was from Kenya and that he was a writer and that he really wanted me to sing him a ballad, because he was having a very “ballad” day.  His girl wasn’t letting him get his way apparently.  I tried to decipher why he wanted a ballad so badly, but I couldn’t quite tell what he was saying all the time.

He could sure make me laugh though.  He told me that his girlfriend was a blond and then asked if I wanted to hear a blond joke.


What do you call a blond with two black eyes?

I don’t know, what?

Don’t call her nothin, you already told her twice.

Terrible, I know, but my sister is blond so I can’t help but get cracked up at that shit.   Anyway, after he left I kept on in with the music.  I kept getting texts from Anna saying she was going to be later and later.  I can only last so long in one day, lady!  Maybe next time she’ll get on the ball.

One comment on “Day 20 – a bit of excitement

  1. Nick says:

    Gratz on the job with MBCC. I think you’ll be a great fit for them. I’m excited for you and them, which to me says God has something to do with it.

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