revolution – day 2

Tonight is the second show I’m putting on at Revolution Cafe.  That’s the Oakland one, not the San Francisco.  I’m not sure how many more Revolution Cafes the bay area can stand…

Tonight is an open mic.  The owner asked me if I would host it, so I now find myself host of two open mics.  If you’ve never been to an open mic before, let me tell you how fantastically awful they can be sometimes.  For example:  There is a local that comes into this cafe who goes by “The Urban Cowboy.”   He wears the part and everything – just shy of the boots.  I’m fairly certain he’s mentally ill, or has at least dropped one too many acids.  He’ll talk to ANYBODY that will make eye contact with him, but it will always be a one sided conversation.  He’ll laugh at all of his own jokes – especially the unfunny ones.  And he’ll follow you around if you let him.  I’m pretty sure he’s harmless, but I try to steer clear for the most part.  But since he’s always at the cafe, I try to be kindly with an occasional “Howdy Pardner.”

Anyway, he’ll be at the open mic tonight.  I know this because he hasn’t missed one yet.  I know that because I haven’t missed one yet.  So I’ve heard this Urban Cowboy “sing” his “songs” probably about thirty times now.  He doesn’t accompany himself with anything, he simply stands on stage with a headphone in one ear playing the music that he “sings” –  with this other hand he makes incredibly grand gestures.  I use quotes because his singing is more of an exaggerated delivery of the words that he’s listening to thru his headphones.  He’s not in time, and he’s not on a pitch.  It’s basically shout/talking with an occasional snarl or laugh mixed in.

Its pretty wild.

Anyway, if you’re the praying type – pray that the Urban Cowboy doesn’t make me want to leave.  Oh wait, I can’t leave I’m the host.

2 comments on “revolution – day 2

  1. Steve says:

    Great to meet you at the Open Mic, thanks for the excellent music and jam session. I really dug your song writing and arrangements, and I hope to catch you on the street. I’ll be hustlin’ the scene as well, so look out for my lapsteel(or any other instrument I’m carryin’ at the time). I’m down for a jam anytime, anyplace. Peace.

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