Open Mic Day 4 – bad timing

So, here is something I believe:  Good timing is something necessary to a good day.  And you can call me out if you think this untrue:  This rings especially real for comedians and musicians.   Both of which timing is the imperative.

Some days the timing feels effortless to me.  Other days, like today, I know when I’m just off.

It was my first day back at school, so right there I was feeling the bummer.  But still, I love my school and am pretty excited about the class I had today:  Ethics, Economic Justice – with an emphasis on equal food disbursement.  Today we talked about the American agricultural subsidies of corn, soybeans, cotten, wheat, and tobacco (what?!).  The thing is that American farmers are encouraged to grow those foods by getting a payoff (they call them economic incentives) from the government.  So then when the American Consumer reaches his/her quota of whatever they can eat in a day – then the rest of everything that the American Farmers grew gets shipped off to the rest of the world to be nasty ass leftovers.  And since its American, the rest of the country buys it instead of their local stuff – thus weakening their economic balance.

Justice?  I think not.

Anyway, sorry for the tangent – back to my off timing day.  I missed the bus!  That’s right, the first day of school and I missed the bus.  Thankfully there were a couple of other seminarians going over the bridge to marin that were able to give me a ride.  Whew.

The rest of the day was fine until the open mic tonight.  Which sucked.  Oh well, I knew early on in the day that the timing was off, so I’m not sure what I should have expected.  There were some good performers there though.

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