jerry springer: the opera

Hello Dear Reader –

School has started and my job with Mission Bay Community Church has also started, so I’m afraid I only got out to busk once this week.  Hopefully I’ll settle into a routine with all this new life stuff soon.

So, my girlfriend was cast in the west coast premiere of Jerry Springer: The Opera a few months ago.  She and the cast of about 25 have been working hard to make it a killer show.  Last night was the opener.

I got to the theatre a bit early to grab my ticket and query as to where I might find some flowers to buy.  The box office chick had no idea about flowers so I wandered around the mission for a bit looking for the perfect bouquet (the girlfriend LOVES flowers).  Unfortunately there were none to be found.  So I bought her a pineapple instead…

Anyway, back to the show:  if you’re in the area and like musical theatre/opera in the least then you’ll probably be delighted by this piece of work.  The cast is great, the music is incredible, and it is downright hilarious; if not one of the most vulgar pieces of art that I’ve ever seen.

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