school week 2- jewish mysticism

There’s nothing like the second week of school to take the wind out of my sail.  The first week is always fresh and exciting.  What will my teachers be like!?  Will I know anybody?!  Will I show up naked…etc.  Well my first week was just that.  And now as week 2 begins I get to experience my Monday for the first time.  Last Monday of course being Labor Day – and the last time I busked.  I could already feel my guitar chops differently when I played for the first extended time period last night at church.  The difference is remarkable.  I practiced piano pretty much all week in order to learn the songs for church yesterday.  Lots of good it did.  But not to my guitar chops.

Anyway enough music – back to school.

Today was my first day of a class called Jewish Mysticism.  My teacher looks and sounds exactly like Sarah Jessica Parker.  I had to double take when she walked in – big time.  So this officially becomes my favorite class since I have Sarah Jessica Parker as my teacher.  And it also becomes my least favorite class because she is going to be a ball buster.  Her syllabus is crammed with crap that I know nothing about – 300 pages a week.  And she requires a 25 page paper on a topic of my choosing by Mid November (just in time for my birthday!)

I’m thinking at this point that I’ll do my paper on the following topic.  A Jewish Mystic’s Interpretation of Song of Songs: Music, sensuality, sexuality, and sound and the science of ecstatic experiences.  That’s the idea at least – but that would be a terrible title.

So the thing about this paper is this:  I’ll be writing – and if I’m liking it I’ll post it on this blog.  By all means feel free to comment dear reader, and I’ll take your perspectives into consideration as I write.  Should be fun!

And for my second class of today I get to watch a movie on the second commandment – life is good.

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