Capitalism is the Devil

Happy New Year!

I figured it was time to approach this blog with a new fervor, so I’m hoping to keep going with it until I don’t have the time, the mind, the inspiration, or motivation.

I’ve recently retaken a look at my life thanks to an ethics class I took last semester. I’ve looked at my addiction to oil. I’ve looked at my belief that money is a good and helpful thing. I’ve looked my reliance on the industrial food system. I’ve looked at my belief in God and the devil. I’ve also looked at my music and reached some satisfying conclusions. I came back to Oakland today on two more frustratingly small airplanes. One of which I sat next to a boomer that could have been a double for a pudgy Al Pacino.  And he was greedy.  He ordered a water, a bloody mary mix, a tea with milk in it, then another tea with milk in it and had the nerve to constantly be edging me out of my elbow room. From the looks of him he was probably used to sitting first class, but this economy has hit everybody huh?

Anyway, I didn’t talk to him aside from handing him back the Elton John, Leon Russell concert souvenir bookmark that he dropped on my seat. Though I consciously told myself that if he asked to get up to take a piss that I wasn’t going to let him out since I had the aisle seat. He made the self-centered choice of putting that stuff in his body and I made the choice to make him suffer the consequences.  Maybe he was just thirsty.  But so was I and I only drank one cup of water…

Would that have been rude of me if he had actually tried to get out to piss?
I’m guessing that the answer to that question by more than a few people would be “probably.”
Oh well. The clincher for me was when pudgy Al Pacino pulled out some papers to work on. They all had numbers like 2, 000,000. 348,857. 927,385. 690,201.  795,000.
You get the idea: Big Numbers.

Whoo gives a shit about “big numbers?” When economists are dishing about their god of the free market it makes me puke. Most numbers that business people look at are speculative in order to create a sense of hope in the reader of the numbers. Mark Twain said there were three kinds of lies: Lies. Damned Lies. And Statistics. Wall Street’s idea of a free market economy is based on speculative statistics.  Remember all that talk about “derivatives” that made our economy crash?   Those derivatives are nothing more than bets.  So, not only are these statistics lies according to Twain, but they are also no different from gambling.  This quite nearly makes all of capitalism nothing more than a big Vegas with a “for sale” sign on it.  Maybe you like Vegas.  If so I’d love to know why because I see nothing redeemable about it.

I’m refusing to buy into this dysfunctional system of capitalism any longer.

I’ll be developing my case against the love of money in future blogs.  Hopefully you’re already with me:  It is the root of evil.

4 comments on “Capitalism is the Devil

  1. Zie says:

    Definitely already with you. Be interesting to hear your perspective as you write more. 🙂

  2. sarah says:

    This post upset me. Not bc I don’t disagree with your comments on food & money…but the hateful way you spoke of your neighbor on the plane, who you didn’t bother to get to know…instead judged him mercilessly. You transferred all of your hate of capitalism onto this man…and as the news shows today, hateful thoughts lead to hateful actions.

    • Thanks Sister – I was more hoping that the transfer of hate that you speak of could simply provide my story with a little humor. I thought it was a little ridiculous. I guess you didn’t find it funny. But at a certain point I began asking myself where the line is in allowing greediness to go unchecked. I simply can’t continue my own business as usual – i.e. not holding people accountable to a high standard.

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