Revolt Against The Rich

It’s time to redistribute the Wealth.

March 15th, 2011. Financial District, San Francisco.  Wall Street, New York.

Revolt for True Equality, Real Freedom and a Sustainable Abundant Future Civilization.

Do you pay rent?  Do you have a retirement plan?  Do you have any savings whatsoever?  Do you have debt?  College, car, house loans? Do you live hand to mouth?  Are you dissatisfied with the amount of control you have over your finances?

How much longer can we tolerate the insane lifestyle that the wealthy impose on America?

Well, we’re here to take it ALL back from the man.

This country has ceased to function as a democracy and is instead dysfunctioning as a neo-feudalist state.  The only way for democracy to be restored is for the unemployed, poor, and working class individuals to begin to stand up to the rich.  If we all stand up together, then we can get our personal debt wiped clean.  This is a guarantee dependent on everyone’s participation.

What can you do?  To begin with, immediately stop buying the bullshit that is forced down our throats via corporate advertising, corporate media, and corporate politics.  If you’re corporate:  You’re the bad guy – like a vampire.

What else can you do?  Demonstrate.  Begin boycotting banks.  Gather en masse and demand the redistribution of wealth.  Don’t back down.

This is a collective problem for anyone struggling financially.  Do you have any debt?  At all?  If you do then, you’re a victim of class warfare.  Start fighting back!  Class warfare has always been with us but within the last 30 years it has gone into overdrive with the slow build of corporate control over politics thus weakening any and all regulatory bodies.  The rich have had the upper hand for far too long.  The rest of us should be ashamed at our lack of spine to date.  But instead of being ashamed, it seems obvious that the time has come to act.

How much longer can we possibly wait for the politicians to pass meaningful legislation that benefits the majority of Americans?  They have shown time and time again that their legislative acts are for sale to the highest bidder.  And now with President Obama’s kowtowing to the Corporate Republicans with the extension of the Bush era tax-cuts and the most recent NBC/Comcast merger, the proof is in the pudding.  The lawmakers will not stand up for the majority of working class Americans.

Politicians won’t do it.
We must stand up for ourselves.

Join me on March 15th in the financial district of San Francisco at 4pm.  We must flood the streets and sidewalks with a show of solidarity for the unemployed, poor, and working class.   We should overflow into the bank buildings themselves.

This Is A Non-Violent Demonstration of The People

4 comments on “Revolt Against The Rich

  1. ROBERT BURGY says:

    ive been thinking about this for a looong time.we need to do this is a complex manner.there is one main thing that the rich cant ever tax us on or take from us, and it scares the hell out of them. and thats our VOTE.its time to take the politicians out of politics!
    we need a everyman to run for every seat of every government. this is the only way to get anything done.politicians demacrat or republican are out for the policies of themselves and the buddies they represent.we have the votes. all we have to do is spread the word. with that and only that. we can show how powerful we really are. the time is one in the government cares about anyone but theirselves.this is still a government of the people by the people and for the people.with enough votes anyone can win an election. the time is now

  2. James A. May says:

    I’m sick of nonviolence! I want to see those rich fat cat heads on pikes! I understand where you’re coming from, but we are dealing with people who make money off the suffering of others and they need to be taken out before they can cause any more damage.

    • I’d beg you to reconsider. I want to see justice done just as much as the next person – but violence should simply not be an option.

      If you feel the need to be violent, then I would suggest you start playing the drums. A lot of anger and aggression can be released that way.

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