Energy, Power, Money, and the Difference between the Three

Energy is the stuff the Sun provides us for free.

Power is the so-called sway that a corporation, government, or individual has over the majority of the public opinion.

Money is the symbol of power that has cultural significance because of the energy that is consumed (usually in the form of burning fossil fuels) to acquire power.

OK, so if those definitions make sense to you then allow me to pontificate.

Energy is free.  It is a gift provided to us by the warmth of our Sun.  Any private (corporate or otherwise) attempt to charge money for energy is misplaced, short-sighted, unjust, and immoral.  I am arguing that the only truly sustainable civilization will need address this issue.

Power is subjective.  Thankfully the cliche is true and knowledge is indeed power.  So acquiring knowledge about human nature and the way of the world is empowering.  But to not act on that knowledge is disempowering.

I believe that many people have intrinsic values, an innate sense of morality, and the rational ability to evaluate the choices they have made with their lives: ethics.

Unfortunately, we as a human species have collectively bought into the notion that money is a good and helpful thing.  Might I suggest a possible future reality?  Money Is Bullshit.

I hope these definitions are clear.  Join me in the discussion if you need more explanation.

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