Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner.

As I’m campaigning to redistribute the wealth some people have criticized me for demonizing rich people.

Allow me to explain.

It’s true that I’ve taken to the demonization of capitalism.  I feel we’re all  justified in our indictment of this corrupt system.

I feel that it is important to distinguish the difference between demonizing corporate capitalists and demonizing capitalism.  Capitalists are willing prisoners of the capitalist system.  They are rewarded to “maximize profits.”  They write these words hundreds of times a week.  “Such and such will maximize short term profits, and this and so will maximize long term profits.”  It’s all a bunch of bullshit.

No doubt everyone wants to be profitable.  But if everyone can’t play nice within the system then the system is broken and was quite poorly conceived in the first place.

I remember growing up when the debate about homosexuality was going on so vigorously around me.  To me, the question of gay marriage or any other human right is a no-brainer.  All people should have the right to marry who they want, when they want.  Anyway, I think the craziest thing that I so often heard back when I was paying attention those debates was the phrase, “Hate the sin, not the sinner.”

That’s like saying: ” I love you as a human being, but I hate the way that you have sex.”

Well, listen here corporate capitalists:  I love you as human beings, but I hate the way you live your lives.

For the good of the world, we must let our love of money die a peaceful death.

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