Special Events Sergeant Phil Pera; SFPD

Yesterday I made the call to the cops to get a permit for the Non-Violent Demonstration of People Power on March 15th.  My facilitating officer, Special Events Sergeant Phil Pera was accommodating and asked all the right questions.

His definition of “civil disobedience” seemed a bit fuzzy.  His use of this term allowed him to retain a significant amount of power.  According to his definition, if any streets become blocked because of people in them it becomes a breach of civil obedience.  Of course, when the Giants won the world series (woot!) last October, there were people all over the streets quite clearly blocking them.  But no one was being arrested…

Sergeant Pera suggested that I get a parade permit.  This makes perfect sense because I’m sure the energy of the crowd on the 15th will be so palpable and dynamic that we will simply have to “walk it off” at some point.

Can you picture it yet?  All of us.  Every single one of us that feels that the current system is horribly unjust, gathering on the sidewalks and the streets of the financial district in a show of solidarity for our unemployed, homeless, poor, working class brothers and sisters.  We will collectively demand that the wealth be redistributed.  And we won’t take “no” for an answer.

It’s going to be powerful.

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