The Necessary Evil?

Do you still believe that money is a good and helpful thing?  I beg you to reconsider.

I have an ideal and a hope that I would like to share with you:  No More Money.  Could America function?  I think it could.  It would require the trust, neighborliness, sharing and love of everyone.  If everyone gets along, well shucks then everybody gets along!  Imagine only having to work if you wanted to and only working at something that you really enjoyed.  Imagine that there is and will always be a community of friends, family, loved ones, and other supporters that will be there to meet your needs.

Does that really seem that unrealistic?  Have we become so brainwashed by the cult of capitalism that we can only imagine our current fiat currency as proof that our needs will be met?

I don’t think so.  I believe money is currently a necessary evil.  I hope to the future where it won’t be necessary at all.

Surely we can come up with a better plan?

For example:  Seeds.  Maybe a trade of seeds for a service provided.  So if you install some solar panels or put up a windmill for me, I’ll give you some of my good seeds so you can go grow some of your own good food.    Or instead of buying food constantly, what about being in community with people that you can eat regularly with and thusly contribute what you can to your community.  Do whatever it is you love to do.  This would allow you to work at what you love.  Teachers, farmers, doctors, artists, and any other person providing a valued service to the community should eat free!

Does this sound like communism to you?  I assure you it is not.  Besides, I’m of two minds on the matter:  Communism didn’t work for the Russians mostly because of our own American will to dominance.  Meanwhile China has used some form or another of communism for the same amount of time that we’ve believed so greatly in capitalism.  The difference is that now China is the major player.  Clearly capitalism isn’t working.  In fact it is working against The People it purports to protect!

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