On Ownership

Have you stopped and considered ownership?

The truth is that the only thing you can and ever will “own” is your body.  Your body is a gracious gift to you from the universe or god or whatever you want to call it.

All other “ownership” falls into the category of law which is, has always been, and will continue to be – fallible.

The only way to fix the fallibility problem inherent in the law of ownership is to cut it out like a cancer.

I’m arguing that we should begin this surgery: stat!

But we can’t begin hacking away at our current system like a drunken butcher.  We must exercise the skill and precision of the surgeon.

Like any surgery, the patient must first consent to it.  So, if you’re with me that a system which includes “ownership” is faulty at best and corrupt and dangerous at worst, then your decision for surgery has already begun.

Ownership implies and propagates privileged and entitled thinking.  You “own” something by purchasing it with fake “money.”

If we can truly be honest and connect with the earth we will begin to see that the earth actually owns us.  And she could squash us like the bugs we are if she so desired.  I personally believe that we’ve tested her long enough.  We should immediately pull all of our oil wells out of our planet’s skin.  I’m sure that if the planet could communicate pain it would be at that fact.  Oh wait, I’m pretty sure she is communicating pain…

We can end global suffering, by ending global ownership.

One comment on “On Ownership

  1. Zie says:

    You should do some research on the Amish. They do not have concepts of ownership and money that equal those in the Western world (although neither is totally absent). You sound like you are basically advocating they way they create their communities…

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