Another Way

Anyone with a heart for the frailty of human existence was probably shocked to hear about the shootings in Arizona on Saturday.

The shooter, whose name eludes me right now, was clearly disturbed and in all likelihood was given a few nudges by our culture to jump off the deep end.  His disenfranchisement with the system became so severe that all he could see was blood.

Seeing blood will blind us all if we’re not careful.

Instead of violence, lift up and affirm with me the power of non-violence.

If We The People all stand up together, we can destroy the ideology of capitalism, corporatism, and greed and replace it with values that will lead us towards sustainability, equality and abundance.

This is not a one-man campaign.  This is a collective fight for our souls and for the future of our planet.  The fight needn’t take place in the streets, the fight is simply one of the mind.  Change your mind and your habits will follow.  We must collectively decide to revolt against the rich and restore justice and sanity to our lives.

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