Today was productive.  If you are involved with twitter at all, feel free to “follow” my tweets here:  @revolttherich.

I did a lot of piano playing today and when I was done I decided to walk down Mission St, San Francisco and distribute the fifty flyers I printed today.  My first order of business was to stop by the ATM (!) to get a bit of cash so I could eat.  As I was at the ATM a line began to form and I turned around to tell the people behind me, “I’m almost done.”

“That’s cool, no rush.”  The dude behind me said.

“Thanks, you know these ATM machines are just a bunch of lies, right?”  I asked.

“No, what do you mean.”  He said.

I then went into my “sales pitch” (don’t you just love irony) for the revolution against the rich.

“You mean other people in my neighborhood are thinking about that!?”  One lady asked.

“You betcha.”  I said.

As I made my way down Mission, I stopped into one of the bars I frequent:  El Rio.  It’s a classy little joint with pretty good music most of the time.  I first met a dude by the front door and handed him the flyer.  He was pretty excited.  I then made my way to the bar’s patio in the back.  Sitting in the corner by herself was a woman probably in her mid 30’s.

“How do you feel about the redistribution of wealth?”  I asked her.

“Hmm, that’s a complicated question.  It’s not even something I’m quite comfortable talking about.” She said.

“I understand that it’s a sensitive issue.  But that’s exactly why we need to start talking about it.  We’ve been ignoring the problems that infest our world witch are solely the product of our financial system.  So that’s why we need to revolt against the rich and get our money back, and our debt wiped clean.”

“I was hoping that someone would finally man-up and do this.”  She said.  “Thank you.”

You’re most welcome, it’s my pleasure.

I continued down Mission and heard some karaoke happening in a little Mexican food joint.  I stopped in so I could use their microphone.  I then sang the Star Spangled Banner with every ounce of patriotism that I could muster.I then proceeded to tell them about the revolution.  All but one dude in the bar happily took a flyer.

There is a movement afoot people!  We must start going with the flow of the movement.  It leads in a direction that will take us to a world where scarcity and inequality will be relegated to the annals of history.  It leads us in a direction of national healing for the psychological scars of 9/11.  It leads to the redemption of our morals.  It leads to a debt free world.

You, yourself, must take the first step in this revolution.  I’ll meet you half way, and together we can meaningfully redistribute the wealth.

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