More Momentum

My girlfriend dumped me yesterday because of this revolution.  There’s not much to say on the topic aside from “reality’s a bitch” and “no revolution without sacrifice.”

I’ve made one sacrifice already and I’m willing to make more in the campaign to redistribute the wealth and eliminate debt for the world.  I hope you’ll join me in making one small sacrifice which is this:  Stop believing that money is a good and helpful thing.

The sensitivity of the issue of redistribution of wealth hit home today.  I was riding the bus down Mission St. and a kindly Mexican man approached me.  I started a conversation with him and learned that he was a recent immigrant from Mexico.  I asked him about how he felt about the redistribution of wealth and he began to cry a little bit.  I gave him my hand told him to believe that it’s really possible.

I got off the bus and came across a juggler on the street.  It’s funny how every artist that I’ve met meets the prospect of revolting against the rich with the triumphant refrain of , “Finally!”

I continued my way down Market St. (after the revolution we might consider changing it to Equality Street, but that’s beside the point), and I was met by a group of protesters marching down the sidewalk with signs that said, “Free Julian Assange,”  and “Please Allow Information To Be Free.”  These people obviously get it, so I joined with them.  When the bullhorn came around to me, I began to explain the case for the revolution against the rich.  People actually started to gather.  One young lady came up and said, “That’s a really good idea.”


I then continued my way through the financial district engaging people in whatever way I could and handing out the leaflet explaining the revolution.   I happened to stumble across a $10 bill on the sidewalk.  Woohoo!

I picked it up and asked everybody around me if they wanted the money I had just found.  One middle aged Asian woman approached me first.  Then another 20 something white guy approached me second.  I explained to them that I would give them the money if they would also accept the leaflet I was distributing.  The woman said no thanks, while the young man humorously asked, “Is this a hidden camera TV show?”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

Since no one took the money, I decided to burn it.  Let me tell you, there is nothing quite as freeing as the destruction of the dollar.  In fact, we’re burning the money anyway, so we might as well get some catharsis out of it.

I then grabbed a veggie burrito and made my way into the the North Beach district.  It was there that I walked past a comedy club I hadn’t been to yet called The Purple Onion.  I payed the $20 to get in and grabbed a beer.

The first comedian was a dude from New York named Dave Hill.  He was really funny and had some very insightful cultural commentary going on in his jokes.  I gave him a leaflet after his set and told him how healing it is for me to laugh freely.

The next comic was a guy named Will Franken.  He was really funny too and was a man of a million impressions.  I had the chance to talk to him after his set as well and told him about the revolution.  He certainly didn’t poopoo the idea but he also told me that he has “bourgeois aspirations.”  Spoken like  true comedian.

“That’s fine.” I told him, “But I hope that you realize that you’re an artist so you’re already rich!”

That goes for teachers, farmers, cooks, cops, governors, the unemployed, and rich too.  We will all be rich in spirit when we free our hearts and minds from the prison of the financial system.


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