Bankers Are Bastards

The case against usuary speaks for itself.  Time is not money.  Time is time.  We must stop money from being metaphorical.

How else are bankers bastards?  Consider my situation:  I currently have 100 dollars in my savings account.  I regularly get letters and calls from my bank telling me that I will be charged 3 dollars a month in the months that I don’t have at least 300 dollars in said savings account.

So, bankers apparently think that it is fair to penalize me financially for my not having any money in the first place.  When is enough. Enough?

I actually know a few bankers.  They’re all nice guys and they’re trying to play nice with each other in the system.  But they are circulating lies amongst us.  The biggest lie of all is money itself.  To understand this we must consider the symbolism of money.

Money is a symbol of us.  It reflects our needs and desires.  Money, quite literally, talks so we don’t have to.

When you consider this, you will hopefully realize that the bankers, themselves, believe their lies.  In fact it was their lies that got them rich in the first place – so even if they did have a conscience it was likely damaged by the lie that is within our system.

If a bastard was made a bastard by the system he was raised in, then he’s still a bastard.  Bankers must stop believing the lie of money.

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