I Dreamed A Possible Future

In honor of Rev. King, and in response to yesterday’s parade theme of “Sustaining The Dream” – I have written about a possible future which I recently dreamed.  This future is contingent upon the success of the revolt against the rich.

Let me get the reality out of the way:

1.  We live in a “democracy” that is controlled by money.  The highest bidder gets to make the decisions.

2.  Less than 1% of the American population controls the lion’s share of the wealth.  They have successfully privatized water rights, oil rights, land rights, and radio airwave rights.

3.  The system of capitalism has systematically destroyed our environment, engendered a belief that selfish behavior is appropriate and good,  oppressed the poor, and torn our social fabric.

4.  The oil, of which our economy has been based for most of recent history, is being depleted.  The peak production of oil has already occurred and the world will soon be seeing less and less of the stuff while simultaneously being charged more and more for it.

5.  The US government has consistently and knowingly favored de-regulating the economy.  This has allowed for the psychopathic behavior of corporations to go un-checked.

6.  Corporate advertising has brainwashed the very group of people most susceptible to brainwashing: Our children.

No doubt this is a grim scenario that we are bringing future generations of Americans into.  However, I believe that contrite boomers, most gen-xers, and all millenials will agree with me that it is time to work for meaningful change.

What would this change look like?

I have friends that brag about their ability to lucid dream.  They can live out their every whim and fancy all while enjoying a healthy, healing, goodnight’s sleep.  I can’t lucid dream and I rarely remember any of my dreams.  So I was happy to wake up the other night from a dream where we human beings didn’t deny our moral impulses.

I know it’s boring to listen to somebody talk about their dreams, but if you’re with me to this point then hopefully you’ll indulge me bit more.

I dreamed of a community.

In this community people did the work that they felt inspired to do.  The teachers taught.  The farmers farmed.  The doctors healed.  The athletes impressed us with feats of athleticism.  The scientists experimented.  The cooks cooked.  The artists created.  The writers wrote.  The musicians played and the singers sang.  The critics kept them all honest.  The police protected.  The governors governed.  The programmers programmed.  The needy were met with compassion by the whole of the community.  When people were not inspired to work, they relaxed.

There was no money.  The banks were turned into gymnasiums for children.  Instead of money, there was trust in each other’s word.  This trust was too great to be purchased, bribed, cajoled or stolen.  If a member of the community broke the trust, they were ostracized only to be allowed back into the community after the trust was restored.

No one owned anything because there was no money to purchase anything.  Privatization of resources has become history.  People lived, loved and worked to fulfill themselves, their families, and their community, and our dear planet herself:  Mother Earth.

All the annoying advertisements went away because there was nothing left to sell.

Renewable, sustainable energy was harnessed by increases in technology.  Technological progress happened even quicker when the element of competition was removed and people began working cooperatively.

A high-speed rail system transported people more than goods.  The price:  Free.

Food was grown and consumed locally and was always free.

The earth, our island home, was restored with our diligent work in the soil, and the purposeful creation of ecologies rife with bio-diversity necessary to keep our environment balanced and in harmony with the universe.

I plead with you:  Look inside your heart and tell me that this is a future you too can believe in.  Only through healthy, trusting, community can we make it come true.

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