Against The Comcast/NBC Merger

Today was fairly productive.  I was given the run-around in the Oakland city hall.  And then I was given more run-around when I tried to meet with Robert Reich at Cal.  But I visited nearly every bookstore in the downtown Berkeley area.  I also made it into a few churches and talked with few musicians in stores and on streets.

Then I ran out of flyers.

Yesterday I was wasn’t surprised to read that the FCC signed off on the mass-merger between the already giant Comcast and NBC.  If you don’t believe that our government agencies are for sale, then please think again.  This merger makes the Orwellian nightmare of Big Brother one step closer to reality.  I’ve got 20 bucks to give to whoever discovers the brainwashing techniques that this new mega-merger will try to pull over on us.

How much longer can we stand for the very rich of the world to consolidate their wealth?  Are we not completely disgusted by their greed?  Perhaps we were already the victims of brainwashing because of shows like these?

I understand if you need to take a quick break to puke.

If you still don’t think that the time for revolution is NOW – then I beg you to reconsider.  The only way that this revolution can be successful is if we all make certain concessions.  Namely, the eradication of global debt.  The only way to eradicate debt is to have an event which can become a symbol for a larger movement.  If you agree with me here, then it is upon you to begin talking about the revolution with everyone you know.  Only together can we do it.

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