Guilt Free Debt

If you’re like most people, you have debt.  Whether that be college, car, house, credit card, or other.  Because of this debt you are either discouraged about your possible future, and/or you are compelled to work so that you have “money” so that you can pay off your debt.

Do you feel guilty about your debt?  There’s really no need; particularly when you realize that the majority of people in this world have plenty of it too.

This absolutely begs us to ask the question of ourselves:  Why?  Why do we feel guilty about out debt?  When you stop and think about it – the symbolism of money is exactly the same thing as the symbolism of debt.  Debt equals money.  Money equals debt.  They are one and the same.   So then, if you feel guilty about having debt, then it would logically follow that you feel guilty about having money as well.

I can explain it this way also:  In a democracy your voice is your vote.  And money talks.  So, to use money is to use your voice (without actually speaking – spending becomes a symbol of your voice).  Now, we should never feel guilty about exercising our voice.  So why should we feel guilty about spending money (the symbol of our voice).

Let’s take this a step further.  If we, The People, all simultaneously agreed to remove money from our global system – then the only thing that would remain would be the voice of the individual.  The voices of the many are the contingency of The People.  Thus, our individual voice may then become the thing we would use to “purchase” the goods and services we need.  Imagine simply going into the grocery store or a restaurant and “paying” for your dinner by exercising your voice, simply by saying “Thank You.”

This is guilt free debt.

However there is still a guilty debt that we must address:  Our environmental and ecological crisis.  This debt cannot be fixed with money.  In fact, the systematic attempts on our part to fix our environment by financial means will inevitably lead to the corruption of future generations who cannot stand up to their own weakness.  Just the same as previous generations have failed to do so.

We must stand up to our own weakness today.  We must begin cutting money from our interconnected web of human activity.  Only after this is done can we collectively, and without any sense of competition, take a deep look at our environmental crisis.

In truth, we should all begin learning how to grow our own food.  I will be outlining the extreme wastefulness of our current industrial food system in an upcoming series of blogs.

In truth we should all begin installing solar panels, wind turbines, and demanding our communities to invest their time and labor in geothermal, tidal, and wave energy sources.  The technology exists.  The only thing holding us back is the “profitability” of mass implementation.  If we remove the concept of “profits,” then we could meaningfully move forward.

There are already a great deal of very good people doing this.  They are realizing the futility and obsolescence of our financial system.  It is, quite frankly, impeding the progress of human nature.  And of course, if humanity fails to bring the earth, our island home, back from the brink of destruction then all of this will be a moot point soon enough.

But I assure you, there is another way.  This is the way of non-violently taking a stand against the very philosophy of money itself.   This is taking a stand against the corporate capitalist psychosis of “maximize profits.”  This is taking a stand for our planet and for our morals.  If we can all stand up together and truly change, then our collective debt will be eliminated.  This is real revolution.

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