Leaps And Bounds: Berkeley Ecumenical Center, 1-26-11

There is a one-woman show happening in Berkeley next Wednesday evening, 8:30 at the Berkeley Ecumenical Center.  I’ll be there.  Here’s the description:

The Affording Hope Project presents Leaps and Bounds, a one woman show which explores the intersection of faith, ecology, and the global economy. Developed and performed by Tevyn East, this show is circulating among a variety of faith communities and institutions of higher learning in 2010.

Using a number of creative tools including storytelling, song, poetry, prayer, movement, and music, this work of theater sheds light on the driving factors of our ecological crisis while awakening the imagination to a new way of living with and relating to Earth. Grounded in theological reflection, Leaps and Bounds, embodies an adventure, searching for the values that would support an economic system that promotes human well-being and ecological health.

The Affording Hope Project accesses the transformative power of art to inspire the Christian church to be a prophetic witness to alternative economic systems of sufficiency and solidarity.

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