Ethics Final Reflection

I wasn’t sure whether I would post my ethics final on this blog.  I’m glad I did though, because I hope that as you read it you begin to realize just how backwards and disconnected our country has become.  We have twisted our values around so whole heartedly that I simply pray that this Revolt Against The Rich isn’t happening too little, too late.

I have come to believe that our current economic crisis has nothing to do with “economics” anymore.  It has everything to do with our conscience.  We have collectively ignored our conscience, our moral organ for too long.  The consequences of further ignorance might just be the end of us.

So revolt with me!  If we stand up together and demand that corporations and other money interests relinquish their control of the government, then we can finally redistribute the wealth by wiping global debt clean.

Then we can move forward towards a truly sustainable civilization.


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