A Breather

I’ve taken the past couple days off from blogging – so for those of you that have been reading regularly, I thank you.  My wordpress statistics tell me that there are about  70-80 of you on any given day.  Not bad for two weeks work, and I hope that you’ve been considering the argument and possible future policies that I’ve been outlining.  If you’re agreeing with me, then by all means tell your friends and loved ones.  We can only accomplish this revolution together.

I spent Friday night with a friend that will be heading into the Peace Corp next month.  We went to the Purple Onion, a comedy club and were mildly amused by a schtick that they do called “Joke-e-okee.”  It’s basically karaoke, but with jokes instead of songs.  We heard some classic bits by Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Dave Chappelle, etc.  Anyway, when my friend enters the Peace Corp, he’ll begin teaching English in the Ukraine.  I told him that he was smart for getting out of our country.  I remain optimistic that my generation can peacefully acquire the power necessary to make our current societies sustainable and abundant.  But I certainly don’t blame anyone for wanting to get out.

What’s more, I’ve overheard countless conversations in San Francisco of families talking about their child’s progress with the Chinese language.  That’s right, many families are making sure that their children are fluent in Chinese.  Not a bad plan considering that we owe that country trillions of dollars.  This is just another example of Americans who feel compelled to get out.

As I’ve been talking about the revolt against the rich with people I try to make it obvious to them that this revolution is, in essence, a bailout for The People.  The banks already got their bailout on the taxpayer’s dime so it’s about time that the taxpayers got their own bailout.

The irony is not lost on me that “bailout” also has connotations of jumping out of a crashing airplane or a sinking ship.

And yet I remain optimistic.  Because if we can all collectively realize what a dangerous path we are on (a path towards mass extinction), then we can all collectively begin working on a solution to the problem.

After the time with my Peace Corp-bound friend, I headed over to the Exploratorium to meet Jonathan Mann and Sam Douglass.  I play keyboards in Jonathan’s band, of which we will be playing at MacWorld this Saturday.  But that night, Jonathan was playing a solo show for the TechCrunch blog award ceremony.  I don’t think I’ve ever been around so many people with so much money.  I was mildly disgusted, but at least the food and drink was free.

And there was this guy – as a pianist, myself, I can appreciate a good pounder.  http://www.facebook.com/v/492601496471

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