An Open Letter To President Obama

President Obama,

This is in direct response to your State Of The Union Address of 1-25-11.

Mr. President,

Your State Of The Union address inspired a number of feelings in me.  Many of which were frustration.
Two weeks ago, I started a movement called Revolt Against The Rich.  This is a non-violent campaign to MEANINGFULLY redistribute the wealth by wiping global debt clean.

In your address, you suggested that we ought to begin vigorously competing with China.  I think this is a bad idea for US/China relations, and I propose a better way forward, a mutually beneficent way forward at

You spoke in your address about a proposed spending freeze.  I have a better solution that you can discover at:

You also spoke about requesting billionaires and millionaires to make larger tax contributions.  I also have a solution for this issue.

I applaud your affirmation of renewable, abundant and sustainable energy.  But I suggest that we already have the technology to allow us to have it much sooner than 2035.  And I cautiously suggest that you stop giving people hope in “clean coal.”  There is no such thing.

Mr. President, this non-violent movement that I have started will have its first visible event in San Francisco on March 15th in the form of  a non-violent demonstration of people power in the financial district of SF.

I want to make it clear to you, we are not revolting against the US government.  We are, indeed, revolting against the fact that special interest lobbyists have more political sway than an average American voter.  We are revolting against the corporate capitalist psychosis that says “maximize profits” at whatever exploitative cost to our trust and our environment. This sort of philosophy needs to be laid to rest for the sake of future Americans and for our current environmental health.

Mr. President, Earth, our island home, is much more necessary to focus on than the economy.  I urge you stop trying to fix the problems with more money.  Money is not a solution, it is the problem.  Our current political system is trying to fix our problems by throwing more money at them.  This is like throwing gasoline on a fire and it is getting out of control.

Which is why we need to revolt.

I can assure you that I am a pacifist 100%, and all of my events will be non-violent.  If you have doubts about this please consider the fact that I am a musician, and a soon to be seminary graduate.  All I know is peace.  But I can no longer stand for the injustices that our country is perpetrating on her own citizens and the rest of the world.


Pete Feltman

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