Money Is Dead

When was the last time you sat down to ponder our current economic situation?  I’m not talking about doing the math on the enormity of our debt, or your debt.  I’m not talking about wondering what that whole “derivatives” mess was all about.  I’m not talking about the amount you owe on your mortgage.  I’m not even talking about the “price” of gas or food.

What I’m talking about it is the very concept of money.  Money is a tangile symbol of our trust in one another.  It is an idea conjured up by our ancestors who thought they might be able to fix some of their problems if they were able to create value in those problems somehow.  Money is nothing but a notion, the same way that God is a notion for philosophers and theologians.  Unfortunately for us, money has been nothing more than a really bad idea that people have believed for far too long.

When you really stop and think about it, money only exists because we weren’t able to sufficiently trust one another.  In our current system (since the development of money) when the trust is broken between indiviudals, the money is there back the relationship up.  Hopefully you can see the absolute perversity of this.

Freiderich Nietzsche proclaimed that “God is dead” about 100 years ago.  For the religiously minded among us, this can be a somewhat off-putting proclamation.  But I would propose that Nietzsche wasn’t so much killing God, as he was trying to liberate the Idea Of God from the books of scripture and the words of the theologians.  When we liberate the Idea Of God (Richard Hawkins calls it the “God Hypothesis”) from our boxed up systems, and preconceived assumptions we are then able to understand God on a higher level.  God is no longer relegated to books and sermons, but instead becomes free to move about the Universe in the amazing movement of energy that happens every moment right before our eyes.

Nietzsche didn’t kill God.  He freed God.

Likewise, we must free ourselves from the belief that money is a good and helpful thing for it truly is not.  Money poisons every system that it touches, whether that is a simple relationship or a complex environment.  Money corrodes away at the natural trust that we as human beings strive for.  It breeds greed, envy, and all forms of selfishness.

Of course the critics will claim that money is a necessity.  This is the same short-sighted thinking that has put us in our current economic situation.  We must break ourselves of our love of money.  Love and trust one another and let the money die a quick painless death.  The sooner that we do this, the sooner we can get on with solving the problems of the environment, homelessness, hunger, and war. 

In fact, once we discard the financial institutions, we will be free to cooperatively compete and fix this world of ours.  We can only do it together.

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