On Confidence

I’m confident that The People are disgruntled with the status-quo system based on a free market political economy.

I’m confident that The People that care about this earth, our island home, will completely stop buying the useless products peddled by corporations.

I’m confident that The People will completely stop buying the lies that are told to us to convince us to buy more stuff.  All that useless stuff.

I’m confident that the majority of Americas are fed up with having less of a voice than the rich minority with all their money and thus more of the voice.

I’m confident that you’re with me and my friends and my community who I know is with me already.

Have you paused yet to consider the power of the word “confidence?”  It’s a rather inspiring word associating trust, belief, and faith.  You might begin telling your friends and community that you have confidence in the fact that they are telling you true words.  Make it obvious!  Tell them that you value their confidence in you and that you value the confidence that you share together.

Hopefully you already know that “Con-Man” is short for Confidence Man.  Technically, we’re all Confidence Men and Women because of our simple ability to trust one another.  So let’s explore the consequences of abbreviating confidence to “con.”

When you meet someone new, you immediately begin making small discernments about them.  These discernments are not judgements, but instead they are nearly sub-conscious observations that lead you to believe whether or not you can trust them.  So lets say someone new breezes into your life and sweeps you off your feet.  They have everything in them that you love about people.  You begin a relationship.  As you continue to get to know each other and continue to make small, gut-level discernments your trust and confidence in each other continues to grow.  Eventually it becomes implicit.  You believe with all your being that your partner has your best interests at heart.  Because you yourself simultaneously have your partner’s best interests at heart.  The relationship is healthy, whole, and fulfilling for both parties.

Enter money.  Suddenly “confidence” becomes “con.”

When your partner discovers that you have money it begins to come between you.  It slowly and methodically poisons the relationship.  Trust in each other begins to diminish.  You begin to believe your partner only loves you because of your money.  Meanwhile your partner is conspiring against your back to take your money.  That’s the con – get the money.

Of course this is not how all relationships work.  But it is how all cons work.

So here’s a question for you: What if we took money out of the relationship?  All that’s left is trust.  Which is certainly more than enough to make a relationship healthy, happy and whole.

Money poisons everything.

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