A Place For The Money-Lovers

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know my feelings about money and our “business-as-usual” financial system.  They’ve got to go.  We need to cut that shit out; big time.

I realize that not everyone feels this way yet, but I’m asking you to start considering your true feelings about money.  Some people might always love money, and those people probably wouldn’t want to live in a civilization without it.  What do we do with these people in a money-less society?  How about an uninhabitable island somewhere?  It can be tropical so at least they can tell themselves that they’ve earned a tropical vacation.  And since they love their money so much, we The People can give them each 3 trillion fake, toy, monopoly dollars.  That way, they can keep the thing that makes them happy.  Meanwhile, the rest of us will live peacefully and co-exist together.  And we’ll be happy with each other instead of needing money to make us happy.

And I can tell you what would happen on that uninhabitable tropical island too.

It would start off very civil, as the money-lovers would trade their fake money back and forth.  They would feel good about being given a second chance to live with money.  But eventually that old devil, greed, will rear its ugly head.  One person will begin to trade unfairly.  Thus emerges inequality.  And as soon as one person sees it happen, then it is inevitable that the next one will imitate the behavior.  This is simply human nature.  Ultimately, if they can’t find a way to make everyone happy and equal, then they will fight and kill one another.

Meanwhile, we The People, will be sitting pretty in our comfortable homes with neighbors we can trust and rely upon.  We’ll have free food.  Free water.  Free energy.  Free education.  Free recreation.  Free Social Security.  Free movies, music, and health care.  Once we take money out of the system – the system (our interconnected web of human activity) will immediately begin to rebalance itself.  That is the way of nature.

You can begin this act of rebalancing today by burning your money and never giving it a second thought.

It’s the last crazy thing we can do with our money and the first sane thing we can do with our lives.

2 comments on “A Place For The Money-Lovers

  1. Nic says:

    I like the prospect of a world without greed, inequality, and warfare, but I wonder about your view on a couple of things. First, how will we regulate the bartering of one type of work for another? In the past, a monetary value is agreed upon by both parties, done multiple times it becomes the market value. Fairness is the goal, not always the outcome. I might work 8 hours building wind mills, do we set that equal to 8 hours of teaching, or 8 hours of water delivery, or 8 hours of making music?
    Secondly, is there a way to manage productivity in a free society? My thought is that a free system doesn’t encourage a job that is disliked. I’d guess that most people would choose musician, or professional sports, etc. Few would deliver water, build wind mills, or collect garbage as a first choice. I’m in favor of lowering GDP by whatever amount keeps us happy and healthy, but what do we do if it just doesn’t happen by taking money out of the equation?

    • Good thoughts and questions.
      The answer that I think is worth most consideration is: Technology.
      We are getting to the point where mechanization has become a reality for many industries. The jobs previously held by humans have gone to robots and there is no turning back.
      So if we consider the rapid growth of technology and we continue on the course that we’ve started on – it would follow that a great deal of jobs could be taken over by mechanization.
      This would free people up to focus on the things that they really want to do with their life. If we begin to move to a world where community is valued more than resources or commodities then I think people would naturally begin holding each other accountable to keeping up their fair share of work.
      Those are just some spit balled ideas at this point. Got anything more?

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