My Word Is My Bond

If you’ve been following this blog, then you know a few things about me. I only know how to tell the truth.   And hopefully the truth that I’ve been telling has encouraged  you to question your own preconceptions about our financial system as well.

So let’s summarize:

1.  Our world has become polluted because of our constant consumption.

2.  Our inter-connected web of human activity is currently driven by money.

3.  Money empowers human greed and human weakness.

4.  Human weakness is destroying our life-system.

So, then it seems logical to:

1.  Remove money, the enabler of human weakness, from our system.

2.  Replace money with a new currency.

3.  Restore the balance of our earth.

The first three points should seem pretty obvious.  Allow me to explain the second three points of this cultural equation.

My solution to the problems of the world as I see it is to completely remove money from our culture.  I refuse to believe the lie that says “Money is the solution to our problems.”  In fact, money is the very cause of our problems!

Consider this song briefly:

Mr. Lennon began to shift our collective consciousness with this song.  What would  a world look like without religion?  What if there really was no heaven?  No doubt, John Lennon had freed his mind from the systems of his day.  He was able to look beyond to something more significant.  If only he would have explicitly said “Imagine there’s no money.”  Maybe then we would have started doing just such a thing.  Well, I would like to pick up where John left off:

Imagine there is no money.

Where does your imagination take you?  I can only speak for myself,  so, by all means, share your own with me and with others.

Here is my idea which I believe to be both efficient and conservative:  With the removal of money from our system – your very word becomes your bond.  So, when you say something you mean it and you follow through with it in your actions.  If we all decided to do this tomorrow, all of the sudden, there would be actual trust not based on money; in and for one another!  In this new system, imagine that you simply needed to speak the words “thank you” to “pay” for your groceries, or whatever other needs you have.

No more money.  No more cutting down more trees to print more money.  No more coupons.  No more advertisements.  No more banks.  No more paying the phone bill.  No more paying the electric bill.  No more insanity.  Everything would be free for everybody.

We could call this an Economy Of Trust, which uses the Currency Of Language.

Now, if you continue to dream with me for a moment – you might still see some problems with this.  It’s true that my solution doesn’t fix the problem of our constant consumption.  However, with a suitable cultural event (like a non-violent revolution) we would be able to raise awareness to combat the consumption.

One way or another – we will all have to begin making sacrifices to sustain life on this planet.  We can’t have EVERYTHING that we want.  But we can have everything that we NEED.  There are already plenty of resources to take care of the 6.5 billion of us on earth.  We simply need to make sure they are renewable and available (thus free) to all.

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