Revolt For True Equality And Real Freedom

Have you gotten pissed off at the state of the world yet today?  Egypt and Tunisia have the right idea – but they’ve unfortunately gotten violent and destructive.  But revolution is in the air of the world as I write.

Our non-violent demonstration on March 15th will be a good example to other countries that are compelled to revolt against the rich themselves.  If we still believe in the myth of American Exceptionalism then we can at least be arrogant to the world for one last time before we abandon the very concepts of arrogance and competition.

If we can all successfully and non-violently revolt against the rich mentality then we will be able to experience a truly equal world.  Everyone will have the same intrinsic human value – of which NO dollar sign may ever be attached.

And in a money-less culture everything will be free.  Quite literally.

We simply have to realize that the concept of ownership was a sham from the get-go and that the notions of interest are a crime on all willing to pay them, and that money itself is a con.  Probably conjured by the devil.

Imagine a world where we were free to truly trust each other without money getting in the way.  Imagine a world that allows us time to work on building communities that are sustainable and provide abundant food stuffs.

All we have to do is stand up and demand change from our leaders.

Kinda makes me feel like rocking.

But we also have some forgiveness to beg for from the world as we move forward.

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