The World Bank and IMF Museum

After the revolution occurs, and the global debt is wiped clean, and the wealth of The People is back in their hands – then and only then can we begin to see the true value of a human being.  We will soon realize what we’ve known instinctively forever:  You cannot attach a dollar amount to human life.

So, I propose a suggestion.  When the debt is wiped out and banks are transformed into schools and gymnasiums we should build a monument to remind us of our history of greed, corruption, and the indulgence in the pleasure of money.  This monument can be the World Bank/International Monetary Fund Historical Museum.

This museum can be a place for the people to reflect and grieve over the collective atrocities that have occurred because of money.  It can have quaint printouts about the “science” of economics.  It can have statues of Alan Greenspan wearing a dunce cap.  It can even have a rollercoaster that patrons can ride to remind themselves of the “cyclical market.”

Of course it should also have all the facts about which countries took loans from the World Bank and IMF – and the resulting quality of life that those loans provided for those countries’ people.  I’m sure it would be depressing.  But we can’t just forget about it.  We need to remember why money is such a bad idea for generations to come and pray that far away future generations never think it useful.

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