Post-Financial Civilization

We are so eager to define ourselves.  In truth, self-definition is the only thing that matters.  We have lived with the historian’s labels for all of our lives, but their divisions have only encouraged us to see a future of more divisions.  And yet, a healthy self-definition is required in order to move forward.  Our past eras of Renaissance, enlightenment, and post-modernism all required that we assemble as a society in a pre-made box (a box made of “money”).  A Post-Financial Civilization shatters this box.  This is not a utopia.  There will always be drama.  In fact, we love our drama as much as we love our money.

In a post-financial civilization, the banks will be transformed into schools and gymnasiums, and the resources and information will be free (true transparency) as they should be, and good old fashioned human trust will become the new currency (an efficient and conservative replacement for fiat currency).  It is this civilization where our word will become our bond.

Imagine this scenario:

Person 1:  I’m hungry.  I think I’ll get an apple.

(walks to the neighborhood apple cart)

Apple Cart Owner:  Welcome back my friend!  How are you?

Person 1:  I’m very good my old friend, I’ve been busy with my new art project, and my wife needs some apples for a pie.

Apple Cart Owner:  Excellent.  How is your wife?

Person 1:  She’s good.  She’s got some good work going for her in the new solar energy project.

Apple Cart Owner:  Ah!  What a wonderful way for her to spend her life. – everyday is a gift, you know.  She is providing us with our much needed replenishment from the sun.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Person 1:  I still give her crap about it at home though.

Apple Cart Owner:  A little drama for the bedroom?

Person 1:  You know it my good man!

(Apple Cart Owner hands over the apples)

Apple Cart Owner:  And here you are my good friend.

Person 1:  Thank you.

Apple Cart Owner:  Payment accepted!  Tell your friends that tomorrow is Apples Are Free Day!


In a post-financial civilization we would have all of our needs met, and they would be met freely – as they should be.  They would be met for free because there would be no more money.  Replaced instead with the honest words of an honest person.  Dishonesty must be met with intolerance.  Dishonesty is nothing more than good old fashioned human weakness.  Check that shit at the door.

Truly, the only way this sort of civilization would be able to function is if we all collectively evolve in a moral sense.  A post-financial civilization could get by with one rule/law:  Do unto others as you would have done to you.  That’s it.  If we simply held each other accountable to this law we would be able to rely on the natural trust within our communities, and we would have no need for an economy to protect our rights somehow.  Instead WE would be protecting each other’s rights.

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