Second Open Letter To President Obama

Dear President Obama,

Our country is in crisis.  An independent economist puts the unemployment rate at 22.2% which includes all the people who have simply stopped looking for work.
The increased consolidation of wealth and power is castrating our democracy.  No one has a vote unless they have the money.  This includes you, Mr. President.
Compound this with the tragic shootings in AZ, and the recent NBC/Comcast merger, and the unrest in the Middle East and we have some very serious problems confronting us as a world.

Most of all:  Climate change.  There is a scientific consensus that climate change is real and will happen if it’s not underway already.  55,000 species of plants and animals are becoming extinct per year.

This is unacceptable – and impossibly unsustainable.

For these many reasons, I am leading a non-violent revolt against the rich.  This is a revolt for true equality, real freedom, and a sustainable, abundant civilization.

My policy suggestion to your administration is a simple three part plan:

1.  Eradicate global debt.

2.  Remove all money and banks from our culture and move onto an Economy of Trust using a Currency of Language.

3.  Immediately begin rebuilding our infrastructure before it’s too late.

These ideas are receiving a heavier treatment as to their necessity and practicality on my blog:

We can do all of this non-violently if we simply have the right leadership.


Pete Feltman

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