Cultural Restoration

I would like to propose a cultural equation to the people.

For all of history we have known the presence of myths in our lives.  We’ve embraced the myths and held them dear to us because they provided us with the belief that we are all connected somehow.   This is an example of human weakness – but it has led to a fair amount of good for people.

However, myths are still a reality in our cultural context so we must address them.   September 11, 2001 was a day that shook the very psyche of the American People.  It was just as shocking if not more than Peal Harbor and the assassination of JFK.

“How is 9/11 related to myth?” you may ask.  I tell you, it is myth because it is the natural progression of a lie.  And this lie has destroyed our national psychological health.  It has quite literally driven us crazy.   That’s why everybody is walking around today saying, “Wow, that’s crazy,” and/or “Holy shit that’s fuckin’ crazy.”

We’re living in crazy times.

The facts are in, (click here for some perspective) and 9/11 was the willfully destructive  bi-product of the minds of  the Bush/Cheney war and oil machine – with the global assistance of all corporate capitalists.  They were demonstrating textbook psychopathic behavior:  Create a problem and profit from it.

We must not believe that 9/11 was the Muslims fault.  It was ours, and the American people have denied this fact for far too long.  But in the meantime – we’ve all gotten RICH!   At the expense of our souls.

9/11 has become a cultural symbol that is corroding our national psyche.  We still haven’t acknowledged it for what it was:  Friendly Fire.  And what’s more unfortunate is that we are still stuck in this misplaced “war on terror.”  Which is nothing more than a flagrant usurpation of Iraqi oil resources.

We must dispel the myth of 9/11.  How can we do this?  What meaningful action can be made to destroy a symbol?

I suggest:  The Burning Of Money.

If we, The People, all gathered together and demanded the complete and total removal of our military -industrial complex, and replace it with an infrastructure rebuilding-industrial complex we could, in essence, create world peace.  This is cultural restoration.  It is the mass realization of global humanity concerning the massive atrocity of inequality perpetuated throughout history.  We must realize that we are connected inextricably.  We must realize that we are equal, one to another.  When this realization occurs we will beging supporting each other rather than exploiting each other.

C’mon y’all.  We’re humans.  We can do it.

If the majority of us want world peace, then shouldn’t the rest of you be able to listen respectfully?

We could immediately begin restoring real trust within our communities if we all communally began burning all of our money.  We could begin to free ourselves from the tyranny of the 9/11 myth and subsequent scare tactics resultant from the “war on terror.”  In the meantime we would also be free from our sins of greed and consumption.  It would be cathartic.  We could begin to make meaningful relationships again.  We could begin investing in our infrastructure to make sustainable and abundant cities and towns.  It is the only way to restore our culture.

C’mon, do it with me.  Let’s demand world peace.  Let’s burn some money.  We’ve been burning it all our lives anyway, let’s do it one last time (quite literally this time though) and be done with it forever.   It will be healing.

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