Do You Feel Lost In This Economic and Ecological Crisis?

Stop feeling lost.  You’re found.

All you have to do is stop believing in the intrinsic value of money.  Cause honey, let me tell you, we were brainwashed good.

If you’re feeling lost, allow me to describe three therapeutic ideas:

1.  Burn Your Money.  This feels so good.

2.  Begin being absolutely transparent with your community.  If you have moral regrets about a financially motivated decision you made – confess them!

3.  Build Your Vocabulary.  Clever people can do clever things with words, so you need to pay attention to phrasings, body language, and the very words themselves to know who you can trust in this climate of class warfare.

4.  Empower yourself by growing your own food.  Stop using the industrial food system.  It’s broken and poisoned.

5.  Believe in your dignity and human value.  No dollar amount can define that.  Only you.

6.  Build community!  Know and love your neighbors.  Give trust away as you would for your most loved ones.

7.  Begin the work that you truly have always dreamed of doing.  Because the reality is that there is absolutely nothing holding you back.


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