Consumer Criticism

How much do you really need?

We have all been raised to desire pretty much every product that has been advertised to us.  It turns out those products didn’t provide us with happiness.  In fact they provided us with cultural malaise, broken trust and have had extremely harmful effects on our environment.

Conspicuous consumption may have been the thing for the coked-out yuppies of the eighties, and then the  bourgeois  bohemians of the 90s and the hyper wealthy of these last ten years.  For all of my life I have been caught up in it, and I have had enough.  Consumption encourages greed, creates competition, and misplaces trust.  It has had its day in the sun and has failed.

This is consumer criticism.  We must begin looking at ourselves and become our own worst critics for a moment.  Believe me when I tell you that it can be a painful process.  But the hope to get you out of this pain is the revolution.  Revolting against the rich is a revolution of the mind.  It is a revolution that requires us to be critical of our consumptive selves.

I ask again:  How much do you really need?

In a world that will have 7 billion people on it by the end of this year – how much water is there to go around?

In this same world – can we truly feed all 7 billion of us?  Technology has taken us a long way in creating abundant yields, but I’m not confident in the validity and/or value in genetically modified foods.  I believe that the only way forward is for a healthy marriage of technology and nature.  Interfering too greatly will inevitably lead to destruction of the technology; nature is simply too strong and we ought to be respectful of it at all times.

This respect may take the form of a re-connection with the soil.  If we all began growing our own food in a sustainable and productive way then I’m confident that there would be abundant yields without the need to genetically modify.  The standard of reciprocity would also incline us to share our food with one another which would help us diversify.

Consider this nightmare of a video:

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